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UT Online Auction Terms and Conditions

Tennessee State Employees: Effective April 22, 2004 the Tennessee State Legislature has passed legislation whereas, Tennessee State Employees may bid on this internet auction site. However, a stipulation is included, and quoted, in italics, as follows.

Tennessee Code Annotated, "12-2-412. Violations - Penalties.

(a) It is hereby declared unlawful for any state official or employee to purchase from the state except by bid at public auction or by Internet auction (using a personal computer on personal time) any surplus property during the tenure of such person's office or employment, or for six(6) months thereafter.

(b) A purchaser who violates the provisions of this section commits a Class A misdemeanor".

1. Registration. Buyers must agree to register, be of legal age, and be able to enter into binding contracts. All bids are legal and binding contracts. Bidders must register valid United States addresses. Bidders with non-USA addresses will be rejected.

2. Item Description. All items are offered at auction, or for sale on a “where-is-as-is” basis with no warranty or guarantee, expressed or implied, as to condition, weight, size, or description, or its fitness for any use or purpose. Statements or information provided by University of Tennessee employees are not to be considered as a warranty, or guarantee of any sort. Descriptions stated are our opinions based on information provided by previous owners. All descriptions are as we know the item to be.

3. Payment. All payments will be in US dollars. Only Visa, Mastercard, cashier checks, and money orders will be accepted for payment. The buyer is responsible for ALL costs to include shipping, handling, and insurance, and must prepay before property is released for shipment or transfer. Successful bidders must acknowledge receipt of award within 3 business days, and complete payment no later than 10 business days. Escrow services are not accepted.

4. Shipping. FOB is Shipping Point. Within 3 days after final close of auction, the successful bidder is required to contact the University of Tennessee and provide shipping address and method of payment. ALL shipping, handling, and insurance fees, in addition to the final bid amount, must be prepaid before shipping. We will not ship to destinations outside the 50 United States or its territories.

5. University Rights. The University of Tennessee reserves the right to reject any and all bids. The University also reserves the right to remove any listed item before official closing, to sell to University of Tennessee departments, state and local governments, and qualified non-profit organizations as determined by Tennessee State Law and University of Tennessee Policies. The University of Tennessee also reserves the right to bar from membership those registered bidders who fail to pay for items or fail to adhere to the set Terms and Conditions.

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